About Us

About Us

A Little About Vector Energy

Vector Energy, LLC was founded by a young West Virginia entrepreneur to help build a healthy economy in a place that needs both jobs and renewable energy. Vector Energy partners with industry leaders to provide the highest quality products and services at the lowest cost available. We offer Appalachians a chance to protect their futures, become energy independent, and save tremendous amounts of money!

Our Mission

Our mission at Vector Energy is to help protect your future with money-saving renewable technology and more efficient ways to use your energy. Eventually, we will create a decentralized clean energy grid across America owned and controlled by the people!

How We Are Getting There

In order to accomplish our mission we need your help! Vector Energy isn’t the one getting us to energy independence, YOU are. At Vector we just do our best to educate others on how to own their energy. Then, we give you all the tools and technologies to help you achieve your new goal of energy independence.

Why Choose Us?

We are the leading solar energy providers in West Virginia


We are local to the area, so we know the benefits of Solar.

Fair Pricing

We are affordable and provide quality services.

Expert Team Services

Learn more about our Solar Team!
Founder/ Co-Owner

Nicolas Volpe

Nick is a young entrepreneur who was born and raised in Martinsburg, WV. AT 18 years old, Nick chose to venture out to California to find a new career that helps change the world. He shortly found the Solar Industry and knew what he had to do. After a few years of working his way up the industry, Nick decided to move back home to West Virginia and start a solar company of his own. Now, using Vector Energy, he can provide clean and affordable energy to his local people of Appalachia(WV,VA,MD).


William Laing

Bill is an investor and financial manager who proudly lives in Inwood, WV. Being born and raised in the Appalachians, Bill always came back to live here no matter how far he travels in the world. From being an Owner/Operator all the way up to managing Millions($) for big trucking corporations, most of Bill’s career has been in the transportation industry. Now, He is focusing his skills toward the future-proof industry of renewable energy. Bill wants to take Vector Energy farther than any other energy company has before. He even wants to use Vector to change the transportation industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

We install Premium Mono-Crystalline panels on residential and commercial properties. Our local install crew has 100s of installs in both sectors. 

Vector Energy offers affordable solar loans using local and national banks. Instead of paying an ever-rising power bill, pay yourself a fixed solar bill until your system is payed off. The best option is having a Green Mortgage which adds very little to your current or future mortgage every month and a low interest rate. Solar saves the most when you first build or buy your home. 

Of course the job site can make costs differ but on average our residential systems cost around $10-50k(before incentives and rebates). Our Commercial/Industrial sized systems are an average of $30-80k(before incentives and rebates). The only way to truly know your cost is to get a FREE Energy Assessment. Its quick, easy, and answers ALL of your questions about your custom solar system. 

We only use premium equipment that provides you with 25 year warranties but your system should last well beyond that(30-50+yrs)

Our American manufacturers offer great 25 year warranties on equipment and power generation. Systems should produce at least 80% of capacity by year 25. We offer in house warranties on our work from 5-10 years depending on job site. 

Most homes can offset 100% of their usage or more using solar and/or batteries. But what if you don’t have much roof space or cant afford full offset? This is actually a common problem and it is not to worry. Most of our systems are tied to the power grid so that you will always have energy no matter what your solar is producing. If you are lucky to get 100% of energy or more then you will have to pay a small interconnection fee every month to access the grid(credits can pay for it eventually) but NO POWER BILL. You could even get paid for extra energy that you don’t use. If you have less than 100% offset, you will have a much smaller bill than before. Either way you will save a lot for not renting all of your energy from power company. 

With Grid-Tied Solar, you don’t technically need a battery for system to work. You are using the grid as a battery pretty much. Batteries still add tons of savings on top of your solar but they aren’t needed and get more affordable every year. You can always add batteries later on too. Off-Grid Solar Systems require battery banks to store your unused solar energy, but dint worry, they are much smaller and nicer looking nowadays. 

We don’t require a certain roof age as long as it is a safe, sealed, and solid structure. With that being said we only offer warranties on roofs that have at least 5-10 years left on their life. It is always recommended that you have a new roof only for savings reasons. Removing and reinstalling panels for a reroof is an extra cost so a new roof would help you not have to pay that. Standing seam metal roofs are the best and we offer up to 15yr warranty being that we don’t have to puncture roof. 

You need a Bi-Directional electric meter once you go solar, so that the power company can measure how much you use AND produce. Currently the power companies have to pay for this upgrade NOT YOU! Take advantage of that $1000+ service for free now. 

Yes!! As of 12/2019 there is a Federal Tax Incentive worth 30% of system. That is pretty much 30% off your system within first year!! You have to get solar installed soon to take advantage of this credit as it is disappearing starting Dec 31st 2019. Next year it will be 26% and then 22% and then gone. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to have the government and utilities pay for your solar. There are a few local incentives depending on your state. Go here to check out your state’s incentives https://www.wholesalesolar.com/solar-information/state-solar-incentives


The best part of us being local to the Eastern Panhandle is that we are right down the road if you have any questions or problems.

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